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Marz Fuel Co-ownership Contact Page

Hi. Welcome to the Marz Fuel Co-ownership Contact Page.

At present, Marz Fuel is focused on building gas stations in Calabarzon (though you don’t have to be a resident of that area to become a co-owner). If you have big commercial lots, you may also inquire about their solo franchising and long-term lease.

If you want more details about the co-ownership, click here for our initial review.

After you fill up below form, a Marz Fuel representative will contact you to set a meeting for a presentation and discussion about what the co-ownership is all about. This presentation is non-committal, can be done after office hours in a public place, and it is for free. Ask all the questions you want to know more about the investment and the risks involved. You are not required to invest on the spot, and you can decide not to proceed with the investment should you find it not suitable to your preferences. No hard feelings.

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Thank you. Your details will be kept confidential.

Disclaimer: Rich Money Hacks (RMH) is not part of the Marz Fuel organization and its officers but we have a manageable investment with them as shared in our initial review about the company. Since we are mere investors, we do not guarantee and we cannot be held liable for the losses incurred by others in their own investment, if any, except for the losses of our own investment.

RMH is also in an advertising agreement with one of their authorized agents for a limited period.

RMH does not force anyone to invest in any of the investment options we cover in this site be it stocks, bonds, crowdfunding etc. The details you encoded above shall only be shared with an authorized Marz Fuel representative. Again, invest at your own risk.